Racial Battle Fatigue

Behind the Veil: The Journey of a POC at a PWI Racial Battle Fatigue I am tired. And not the kind of tired where you can just take nap or sleep in late and suddenly wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. What tires me is so much deeper than the lit reviews and research proposals that … Continue reading Racial Battle Fatigue


The Strong Black Woman Narrative

Behind the Veil: The journey of a POC at a PWI The “Strong Black Woman” Narrative One of the most pervasive narratives surrounding Black women is that of the “Angry Black Woman.” It perpetuates a number of negative stereotypes that portray us as hostile, aggressive, and having nasty attitudes. First of all, if your identity … Continue reading The Strong Black Woman Narrative

Impostor Syndrome

Behind the Veil: The journey of a POC at a PWI Impostor Syndrome  Dear Diary,                 I…..Am….Drowning…... Drowning in a sea of self-doubt, insecurities, and unanswered questions. What am I doing here? How did I get here? Can I do this? Do I belong? I was talking to a friend about all of the thoughts … Continue reading Impostor Syndrome

Identity Crisis

Behind the Veil: The journey of a POC at a PWI Identity Crisis  The only thing a doc student does more often than contemplate why they voluntarily signed up for 4 years of torture is articulate their potential research question. Every time you meet someone, that’s what they want to know, sometimes before they’ve even … Continue reading Identity Crisis

Prepared but not ready

Behind the Veil: The journey of a POC at a PWI Prepared, but not ready I’m prepared, but I’m not quite ready. I understand how contradictory that sounds, but it’s true. Academically, I am prepared to handle the intense rigor associated with a doctoral program. Bring on the long articles, late nights and overwhelming amounts … Continue reading Prepared but not ready